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In 1995, Doctor Madan Kataria, a family practitioner in Mumbai (India), discovered the benefits of laughter while researching for an article titled “Laughter – The Best Medicine”. In a public park, he gathered a small group of people and would tell them funny stories. Eventually, these jokes made them laugh less and less, while hurting some of them … In order to find a way that would permit everyone to laugh together, Dr Kataria, with the help of his wife Madhuri, yoga professor, created techniques mixing warm-up, stretching, breathing and playful exercises to stimulate laughter.

And so gave way to the the birth of Laughter Yoga® (Hasya Yoga)!  That is to say, laughing without reason.

Laughter Clubs then developed around the world. In Quebec and Canada, Dr Kataria’s method was introduced by Michel Abitbol.


How does a session run?

Shortly said? Very well.

More precisely?

A few minutes of warm-up, then playful laughter exercises, laughter meditation, few minutes relaxation and finally, a discussion about your feeling during the session.

Be careful! This practice cannot substitute to a medical consultation in case of physical, mental or psychological disease. So don’t hesitate to consult your doctor if needed!


Who can take part?

Everybody! Great, isn’t it?

The concept is non-political, non-religious, non-racial, non-threatening and non-competitive, you are there to reconnect with your childhood heart and take advantage of the benefits of laughter.


Dr. Kataria is promoting world peace via the international Laughter Yoga® movement, which transcends religious, racial, ethnical, cultural, political, language, gender, age and class barriers.


So, why not try a club in your neighbourhood?

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